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MCDONNELL of Callobrack, in England and Australia

In 1958 John Leonard McDonnell and his wife Kathleen together with their two children Angela and John Michael migrated to Adelaide in South Australia. Kethleens brother Jim Lindley had already been there a few years so it was a help to know him and help them settle in.

Two years later, in 1960 I, (Michael Kevin) together with my widowd mother Elsie McDonnell also made the journey to Adelaide and sank our roots down. In some respects my mother was torn between two countries having two daughters living in England and her two sons living iin Australia. Her eldest daughter Elsie Moss was married to an engineer working in Ghana , West Africa but they also moved to Adelaide in about 1965. It was of help to my mother that she was able to have three trips back to England, two by ship and the third by plane. It was only a few months after her last trip and after I married that she became ill and died in 1971.

John Leonard died in 1981 in Adelaide, South Australia and their daughter Angela died in 1988. John and Kathleen's son John Michael lives in Adelaide with his wife Margaret and two children.

In 1986 Eileen Gough (McDonnell) died in Birmingham. She had been married to Tommy Gough and had two Children Maureen and Stephen. We still keep in contact with them both as well as their children.

Another sister Kathleen was married to Norman Blackburn who died in 1980. They had two chiildren Diasne and David. Kathleen lives in a small town called Altofts near Wakefield in Yorkshire