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HORAN (my grandmothers family) of Derryhillagh near Newport, County Mayo

We only know a little about my Grandmother, Catherine Horan. I was able to identify that the Townland where she was born as Derryhillagh. From the 1901 and 1911 census details and from information from David Horan of Doogary my Horan family continued to live at Derryhillagh for many years. A listing of the tenants of Derryhillagh in the 1855 Griffiths Valuation shows that the Townland of Derryhillagh was a small one and had only four listed tenants. One was a Michael HORAN and it this was probably the father of Thady (Ted) and thus the Great Grandfather of my second cousin David Horan who lives in Doogary. My mother Catherine Horan was a sister to Thady (Ted) Horan. So David Horan and I are second cousins.